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Hello & Welcome,

If you've been seeking a community to support you as you awaken your spirituality, then you've come to the right place.

You know it's time to find your tribe, to join together as one! You know you can make a difference both in your own life and in the lives of others, you just need the tools and confidence to take that next step.

I'm Elizabeth Harper, founder of Sealed With Love and One Soul Membership. I've spent most of my life helping, supporting and guiding people just like you. There's a wealth of information available to you these days, but knowing where to start can get confusing. And taking course after course can feel disjointed and lonely. 

I created ONE SOUL to guide you to remember your purpose.

I'll see you inside One Soul
elizabeth XOXO

Before OSM I was bumbling along, alone

"Having loved Elizabeth’s weekly messages for quite some time, as well as having taken a couple of her online courses, I felt OSM would be a safe caring place to work more closely with Elizabeth and improve my intuition and psychic skills. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this group and to be able to learn in a safe place, guided every step of the way! It is a chance to work closely with a wonderful spiritual teacher that will guide you to finding your best YOU!"

~ Delena Stockton


Have you been feeling as if there's something more to life? Are you sensitive to energy and other people's feelings? Are you interested in healing yourself and others? Then you're waking up to the vibration of the true you!

In ONE SOUL, you'll learn to awaken your psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts while getting support from others to help navigate the new energies, awareness and consciousness you're experiencing.


Is your heart and soul calling you to embrace your spiritual gifts? Are you struggling to find people who understand who you are? Have your values changed?

You're a lightworker, and not everyone around you gets that. Being surrounded by people who understand what you're going through can help you get on track, realize and fulfill your Life Purpose. It's like coming home!


Your friends, family, work colleagues, business associates, are mirrors of the light you carry within. As your light grows even more luminous, so the reflections of your inner glow transform. When this happens you might feel lost and unsure of your identity.

This is the time when you need your tribe.

If you've been seeking a community to support you as you become more aware of the spiritual side of your being and KNOW there's a tribe of light-minded souls just a cosmic click away, then ONE SOUL is where you belong.

I joined because I knew how amazing Elizabeth is...

"...and how simply she can deliver complex information. I was hoping to gain more information on how to heal and utilize my spiritual gifts, but I have gained much more. Elizabeth is an incredible soul with the biggest purest heart and I thank the Universe for meeting her! The knowledge she shares is unique and extremely helpful! Elizabeth you are my angel on Earth!"

~ Lydia Majchrzak


ONE SOUL is a globally based online gathering space for like-minded people just like you, to awaken, learn, and connect one soul to one soul.  In ONE SOUL you can receive knowledge, wisdom, and  support on the changes and awakening you're experiencing as you develop and grow spiritually, psychically, and soulfully. Within ONE SOUL is a community you can turn to when you need answers and a resource library with a growing array of metaphysical subjects.

ONE SOUL is a subscription based membership with courses, meditation classes, spiritual tools, and psychic practices, PLUS an amazing community ready to welcome you into their hearts.  

Are you ready to join your tribe?

⭐️ Your monthly payment is less than a daily cup of coffee - and probably better for you!


Before I started One Soul, I had a lot of questions...

"...definitions, interests that I knew very little about. Even with books I still needed other perspectives, other views. The membership let me listen to what all the other members have to say, with their experience.

Now, I have a better understanding of what I’ve been seeing, feeling, hearing, and tasting. I knew I needed some kind of direction, help with my path. Little did I know I was going to get tons of direction with Elizabeth Harper and the wonderful people that follow her.

I hope to work with spirit angels to help others with their Quest, I have a lot to learn but this is learning at my own pace."

~ Elizabeth Alotta, One Soul Member


No matter where you live, you have access to the most amazing, enlightened, and loving souls on the planet. Here's some of what's available inside your One Soul subscription.


Are you ready to learn about your gifts, sensitivities and healing skills? There are courses called GUIDES to help you realize and understand your spiritual energy.  GUIDES support and guide you to awaken, learn and connect with your luminous soul. You can take one lesson, go through the whole course, or come back later to join it. All Guides are self-paced.


Learn about and expand your gifts through the courses,  videos, meditations, guidebooks, playsheets, live sessions, prompts and practices. There is so much goodness within One Soul to support you.


To help your meditation practice we meet weekly, call in your Guides and Angels, cleanse the chakras and go on an amazing and transformative journey. There's also Tarot, Astrology, Healing, Mediumship, Psychic Practice, Connecting to Guidance, Q & A, Prayer Circle, Mastery Conversations & Community Chats to support your needs. Everything is recorded so you won't miss a thing.


As well as the unique weekly meditations, you can find additional meditations, affirmations, prayers, mantras and more, to guide you on powerful journeys within and to empower your soul's healing and manifestation gifts. Meditation is key to awakening and deepening consciousness. Regular practice strengthens the connection with your soul, Higher Self and SPIRIT TEAM.


Your membership includes a devoted and exclusive COMMUNITY FORUM within the membership website, plus a Facebook group where you can meet and share your journey with other enlightened souls. This is the best place to get the love, 24/7 support, and healing you seek to give and receive. Ask questions, post beautiful images, offer insights, and as you explore and develop your gifts you'll have ample opportunity to spread your wings.


If you've been feeling alone on your spiritual journey and you're seeking connection with others just like you, looking for a way to embrace your spirituality and awaken your spiritual gifts on a regular basis, but you haven't found a place where you can meet and connect with a tribe that you vibe with, then...



Here's what some of our lovely members shared about why they joined and what they've experienced inside One Soul.


Choose a plan to join us in ONE SOUL. I'm excited to welcome you into the community.


I love Tarot Tuesday

"It helps me read better and I love to read what others interpret for themselves. I love the meditations, but I don't always do them because of time restraints. The chakra graph was a great tool, loved that!  I have gained a sense of self worth that I did not have before.  I'm more open to where things are going, having faith that things will be fine. I have learned that I have to break old habits of giving all my energy to others. Mostly, I think Elizabeth Harper is my favorite thing about membership! One Soul is a safe space for like minded individuals who want to develop their intuition and become more aware of their guides in a place to share and support one another on this amazing journey, called life."

~ Sylvia Robbins

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed artist, psychic medium, teacher, and author. Her work has been featured in popular magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook, and Health. She is a magazine columnist, regular contributor to Australian radio, award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers

Through her videos, articles, and teaching she guides an international community of thousands of global lightworkers to easily access their intuitive gifts, discover new ways to heal wounds that stand in the way of success and realize their soul’s purpose. Elizabeth’s super power is her intuitive relationship with color. Through her vision of your unique color thumbprint, she reveals your innate gifts and talents, your most powerful past lives, and the life path that will bring you the most joy.

Raised in a yogi and spiritually conscious environment Elizabeth teaches from the heart, leading you on a Divine Adventure that is fun, purposeful and illuminating. As your guide she will take you on a journey back to your true self, reminding you of the radiant light that lives at the core of your being and the abundantly blessed life that awaits you.

Elizabeth has presented workshops and seminars at the Open Center in NY, Lily Dale, the Learning Annex and is on the faculty at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. 


One Soul has been a wonderful experience...

"...of connecting with like-energy beings. My life is filled with beautiful courses, meditations and group meetings. Looking at my journal for the past month shows the numerous shifts and changes I've gone through as well. I have become more attuned to my life purpose, my true soul identity, and also my Guides and Angels. I spend my days now aware of and constantly feeling their presence around me. I feel more connected to Divinity than I ever have before, and it is only going to get better from here! I look forward to being a member of One Soul as it helps move my life and this world upward in vibration and energy."

~ Talon Moore 


✓  Immediate access to 12 courses NOW!
Immediate access to live meditation recordings and downloads
Immediate access to the meditation sanctuary
Immediate access to live session and practice recordings
Immeditate access to a growing community of lightworkers
$$$ You can pay $100's of $1000's of dollars for a community like this one, I know I have.

The estimated value of your investment is over $3000

ONE SOUL has been open for a year





* Recurring monthly payment


Monthly Membership

Locked in Pricing

Monthly Trainings

Weekly Live Sessions

Devoted Website with Meditations, Practice Sessions & Additional Content

Join an amazing Community of Light-Minded Souls

Access to Spiritual Support





* Recurring monthly payment


Monthly Membership

Locked in Pricing

Monthly Trainings

Weekly Live Sessions

Devoted Website with Meditations, Practice Sessions & Additional Content

Join an amazing Community of Light-Minded Souls

Access to Spiritual Support

 ✨ PLUS Monthly Personal Angel Message

✨ PLUS Daily Positive Message Texts


I’m truly blessed...

" be part of this wonderful group and to have met some beautiful souls. For the first time in my life I feel I belong somewhere and I’m learning so much. Thank you to Elizabeth and everyone in the group for all you do."

~ Beth Drysdale


That’s OK. No previous experience required. I'm here to gently guide and remind you of all those things that right now seem beyond your understanding and yet within your being they're so familiar. Plus you will join an amazing group of lightworkers who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with open hearts ready to nurture and support you. 

One Soul Membership will absolutely be available to you whenever you're ready. Registration opens a couple of times a year so make sure you're on the email list to get updates when the doors open again. Our advice to you is to get it now before the price increases.

You can expect monthly study with guides or masterclasses focused on intuitive, psychic, healing and spiritual development. Exclusive monthly astrological forecasts with an opportunity to have your personal natal chart highlighted, weekly live meditations to help you connect with the wisdom of your soul, plus a mix of live Q & A support, healing sessions, prayer circles, group work, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Practice sessions, member offerings, and more. Included is a private Facebook Group filled with love and devotion to service. This is a growing community, so the needs of the group mold the events and offerings. As part of the group your voice is heard. If there's something you want to learn then just let us know.

If within 7 days of joining you decide that One Soul Membership doesn't resonate with you then just let us know and we will refund your payment. Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time.

YES! Plus new content is created every week. The membership is growing and transforming, just like you!

Everything is recorded and available in the member's area of the exclusive One Soul Membership website. You won't miss anything.

If yearly membership is available then yes you can upgrade.

You get the opportunity to interact with other light-minded souls who are also on a journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It's a wonderful space to share stories, offer support, meet new friends, and have personal access to Elizabeth’s wisdom and knowledge through Facebook lives and regular postings. You can ask questions and receive support from the experience and guidance of our amazing community.

The price you join at will be locked in for as long as you're a consistent member of One Soul. If you leave and then decide to return you would join at whatever the current membership investment is. Membership opens a couple of times a year, so you can return when registration opens up again

You can join One Soul from any place on the planet, provided you have Internet access.

You pay a monthly or yearly fee to be part of an educational community that will support the enlightenment of your soul and further spiritual advancement.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your One Soul Membership log in page link and password. You’ll also receive a “Welcome” email from Elizabeth. Then every week you'll receive an email update or you can check the members area for the calendar updates. We suggest you take a look around the members area to familiarize yourself with everything available to you, and then join the exclusive One Soul Membership secret facebook group. We'll send you an invitation. We're waiting to welcome you into our community.


Here's what some of our lovely members shared about why they joined and what they've experienced inside One Soul.


*Special thanks to our beautiful One Soul community for sharing your love.*

"Inexpensive, new experiences every week. Rewarding, insightful and productive. Be prepared to learn a lot and a view of different perspectives. I have a lot to learn but have fun doing it!"
~ Alesia Johnson

"My recommendation would be if you find yourself confused in this lifetime with why you were put here One Soul can show you what it is, who you are and what you've been looking for all this time. I recommend it to anybody who wants to find themselves and understand the big picture. It has changed my life for the better forever."
~ Tania Robichau

"If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, about spirituality, and belong to a great community with a very caring and wonderful mentor, you have to join One Soul"
~ Vanessa Carrasquel

"If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, about spirituality, and belong to a great community with a very caring and wonderful mentor, you have to join One Soul"
~ Elizabeth Strong

"If you have had an interest in seeking more about Angels, thoughts of Spirit and abandoning fear of the unknown, you came to the right group"
~ Dale Hns


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